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We only change what is necessary . We do not believe in replacing entire systems when only one section is broken.This saves you thousands of dollars, and plus once you've changed after parts such as Muffler, Resonator and Catalytic Converter. The life for the components not even last 2 years. Why pay more money get worst result.

At L&G Auto, we only replace what is necessary and use high quality parts, keeping other OEM components, some of them would last for life, no reason to change aftermarket parts instead.

We keep doing this for years and have good feedback, a lot of people come from out of town, just for the exhaust repair.


How much does a Exhaust Flex Pipe Replacement cost for your vehicle ?

**Just released, Stainless Steel Flex Pipe **








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 As one of Greater Toronto Area's leading auto general repair facility, specialist in exhaust, catalytic converter, flex pipe, resonator and muffler jobs including repairs, replacements, customizations and modifications. Working with many Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus and Volkswagen vehicles, we have developed techniques in catalytic converter (universal or used OEM) replacement. With our skills we can repair and exhaust system without replacing the whole system which could save up to 90% of the cost. L&G Auto has helped thousands of customers with all kinds of repairs as well as emissions repairs and exhaust related repairs and upgrades.  Since 1994, L&G Auto has been in business to ensure our customer's safety and driving pleasure while helping to make the right choices for the air we breathe.


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